Ben Leonard, Founder, Ecom Brokers


You will meet and learn from leading sourcing and e-commerce experts. Sourcing professionals, QC inspection companies, shipping experts, experienced importers, service providers and Amazon sellers. More experts to be announced.

Ben is the classic millennial entrepreneur. He built a business on a laptop, in a cupboard, in his spare time. He grew an international 7-figure brand and successfully exited after 3 years; the business holy grail.

Kevin Oldham, Co-Founder, Vietnam Sourcing Trip

Kevin is an accomplished entrepreneur having run multiple businesses in Europe and Australia over the course of his career – ranging from aircraft maintenance to overhaul projects and contracts. Kevin started his e-commerce journey over 5 years ago, and has sourced products from South Korea, Vietnam, China and India.

Maragaret Jolly, Co-Founder, Vietnam Sourcing Trip

Margaret is a successful and experienced Amazon seller, giving her first-hand knowledge of the daily challenges faced by online sellers. She has travelled extensively through Vietnam visiting factories and trade shows there. After years of owning and managing many different businesses, Margaret became a mentor to small businesses and more recently, e-commerce sellers.

Linn Sundin, Brand Builder & Ecommerce Seller

Linn is a brand builder and ecommerce seller with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in retail, design and service.

She launched her first product on Amazon in 2020. In just over 24 months Linn became a 7-figure seller. She is now sourcing 95% of her entire brand from Vietnam.

Linn has an amazing knack of finding niches and great products to sell with low competition, medium demand and great profitability.

Meghla Bhardwaj, Co-Founder, Vietnam Sourcing Trip

Meghla has over 20 years of experience in the Asia sourcing industry. She has visited hundreds of factories and tens of trade shows in the region and has a deep understanding of manufacturing and sourcing processes. She also runs The Asian Seller, a community for e-commerce sellers in Asia to help them start and grow their businesses.